Company Profile

Applied Modern Theoretics is a corporation that came from a division of Integrated Theoretics Enterprise. This subsidiary of the Theoretics Enterprise aims to develop and implement successful systems for clients far and wide--- from military organizations to educational institutions, we have applied our systems using our theoretics frameworks to suit the clients’ specific requirements.

Applied Modern Theoretics also aims to deliver services and offer optimal solutions to at least 50% of the small and medium enterprises within the country. This is in line with the ultimate goal of increasing the country’s technological competitiveness and bringing it a notch higher.

Theoretics refers to any branch or part of the field of learning or knowledge that is concerned with theories or hypothesis. Applied Modern Theoretics took its name after this concept, as it is our core belief that if the client’s request is theoretically possible, then we shall carry on the challenge. We proudly carry the ‘theoretics’ name because we stand by our principles:

“To be part of a motivated system is our approach”.

“We are trained to explore all possibilities to solve a problem”.

As a certified innovator and quality solutions provider, we not only commit to turning theories into possibilities, as we also vow to provide our clients all the help they need in order for them to achieve their business goals and objectives. Our various areas of expertise include IT solutions, data processing, parking systems, security enhancement systems, hosting, inventory, mobile applications development, turnstile products, and other related services. All these services are aimed to meet the basic ICT needs of various organizations and transform them into innovative and technology-driven companies that have distinct competitive advantage. Our broad range of expertise, combined with our excellent work ethic and unparalleled commitment to providing our clients the best services possible, serve as our edge and key to achieving business success. In everything we do, we make sure to apply our distinctive theoretics frameworks in order to offer the most comprehensive and excellent solutions to a variety of business needs, through the use of technology.


Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. envisions itself towards becoming the ultimate provider of optimal technology solutions to different companies in the Philippines, ranging from military organizations and educational institutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the vision of Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. to cater to the business needs of at least 50% of the SMEs in the country and simultaneously tap the most lucrative business industries. In line with the company’s commitment to providing clients the best services possible, Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. also envisions itself towards becoming an indispensable technology solutions provider committed to delivering excellent ICT services and empowering organizations to achieve the highest level of business success. Moreover, it is the vision of Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. to be among the top technology services provider in the Philippines in at least three key areas: the parking management systems, turnstile security and access control systems, and mobile application development.


The distinct theoretics framework was established by the Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. in order to gauge the plausibility of a theoretical idea turning into a reality. Essentially, the main purpose of the theoretics framework is to come up with a possible solution to every client need. This is in line with the primary mission of the Applied Modern Theoretics Inc. which is to develop and implement successful systems for different organizations. Moreover, the company exists to help client organizations achieve their specific business goals and objectives and at the same time, enable them to acquire competitive advantage by means of transforming them into innovative and technology-driven enterprises. Through the broad range of services being offered by the Applied Modern Theoretics Inc., appropriate and optimal solutions will be provided in order to address the system-related needs of all client organizations.

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